The Real Love-Speech Given by Supreme Master Ching Hai in Pasadena

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The Real Love-Speech Given by Supreme Master Ching Hai in Pasadena

CA, USA August 27, 2011


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Thông điệp Tình yêu đích thực đưa ra từ Supreme Master Suma Ching Hai ở Pasadena

Diễn giả: Thanh Hải Vô Thượng Sư.

Tiếng nói: Anh ngữ.

Địa điểm: Thành phố Pasadena, California, Hoa Kỳ

Thời gian: thứ Bảy, ngày 27 tháng 8 năm 2011

Lý do: Con người có thể cứu Trái đất thoát khỏi Sự hâm nóng.

Khán giả: 99% là người Mỹ.

Supreme Master Ching Hai gave her insight wisdom/thought of how human beings could save our Earth planet from Global Warming thread during "The Real Love-a New Musical and Don McLean in Concert" took place in Pasadena Civic, California, USA on Saturday, August 27, 2011.

The poetry of Supreme Master Ching Hai is set to music by Oscar & 5-time Emmy winner Bill Conti ("Rocky"), 2-time Oscar winner Al Kasha ("The Poseidon Adventure"), Emmy nominee Doug Katsaros, Tony & Emmy winner Don Pippin ("Oliver!"), and Oscar & 2-time Grammy winner David Shire ("Baby").

Please Wake Up! Hãy Bừng Tỉnh!

Poem written by Supreme Master Ching Hai Music: Oscar & 5-time Emmy winner Bill Conti Vocals: Denise Donatelli, Doug Katsaros, Giorgia Fumanti, Joy Valencia, Karen Ziemba, Kerry Walsh, Margie Evans, Trina Parks & Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association Choir.


O world, wake up and behold

Rivers and mountains are in tumult

Burnt forests, eroded hills, desiccated streams

Whither do the poor souls go in the end of all dreams?

O great Earth, lessened be your agony

For the tears will stay with the persistent night.

O seas and lakes, cease not your melodies

Allowing hope for a morrow among humanity...

O sentient beings, have respite in the realm beyond

Though you departed without the last utterance.

Let the throbbing of my heart abate

While I await Earthlings' timely repentance.

O deep forests, preserve your true essence

Protect the human race in their moments of erring.

 Please accept my heartfelt thousand teardrops

To nurture your majestic trees, leaves and roots.

O heart, relent your sobbing

For my soul to rest in long nights.

Tears dried up and I'm wordless

Weeping in pain for the tormented!

O night, please kindle your source of light

Shine the way for those human souls in darkness

Be serene for my mind to still

And enter emptiness with the miraculous celestial melody.

O day, stir not sudden unrests

For peace to repose in our very hearts

For humankind's struggles to subside

For the true Self to gloriously shine.

O heart of mine, lament no longer

Like an insect writhing in the chilling winter.

Calmly wait for a perfect tomorrow

And the day the world be adorned with Heavenly Halo.

O, I cry, I plead, I beseech

O, infinite Buddhas, the gods, the angels

Deliver souls straying from the True Path.

Wandering in the endless cycle of suffering hell!

O brother, wake up at once

Proudly walk upon great seas and rivers

Look straight at the flaming sun

And vow sacrifice to save all on the Earth!

O sister, wake up this instant!

Arise from places of devastation

Together, let's renew our planet

Sing joyous songs of oneness.

Let's renew our planet Sing joyous songs of oneness.

Let's renew our planet Sing joyous songs of oneness.

Let's renew our planet Sing joyous songs of oneness.

By Suma Ching Hai


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Music & lyrics by Supreme Master Ching Hai

Orchestral arrangement: Oscar & Emmy winner Bill Conti

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