Liên trường Trung học VN giao cho ARC $27,000 Mỹ kim

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Liên trường Trung học VN giao cho ARC $27,000 Mỹ kim


Santa Ana - Thursday, November 2, 2017 at 11 am Ph anybody's guess LTTHVN came Offices Red Cross / Santa Ana to communicate checks $ 27,000 USD (due LTTHVN / Society CSV QGHC & ask your pharmacist VN US fundraising was yesterday 29/10) to support flood victims Harvey / Irma.

Union High School Vietnam include large high school in South Vietnam as: Chu Van An, Petrus Ky, Nguyen Trai, Gia Long, Trung Vuong, Le Van Duyet Saigon National School - Dong Khanh Hue, Phan Thanh Gian , Doan Thi Tho, Chau Van Next Phuoc Tuy, Phan Chu Trinh Da Nang and Tan Binh Nguyen Thuong Hien Saigon, Nguyen Hoang Quang Tri, Girl School Nha Trang, and recently more Alumni Association Contact School Pleiku import. What he TTK Hien Nguyen Mai and Mai CT rotating DS Dongcheng

From its founding to the present, Union University has organized several fundraisers to help the disaster victims as well as the Wounded, Widows RVN quite successful. In fundraisers to help victims of Typhoon Harvey in Houston, Texas and storm Irma in Florida, Union College was the cooperation of the Alumni Association, National School of Administration and the Pharmacist VN in Southern California so restaurants Paracel, one the great restaurants in Little Saigon was not enough seating for attendees, prompting organizers very embarrassing, especially a lot of people do not buy tickets in advance but still came up the organizing committee does not expect to be the person to put , into a situation "embarrassing."

TTKLT CVA Nguyen Mai and As Good (DK) introduces guests attended.

After the introduction, President of Union College, NT. Mai Dong Thanh invited DS Nguyen Thuc Man Representative Association Pharmacist VN Southern California, Pham Duc Thanh representing the National Association of Administrative Southern California together on stage to welcome and thank you sponsors, guests and agencies media and friends have enthusiastically supported and also attended the fundraising dinner 29/10/2017  

LT is welcoming delegation representing the American Red Cross include: Ms. Linda Ross, Executive Director (Regional CEO), Mr. Glenn O. Maddalon, (CDO), Jana Priest (Donor Development Officer), Ms. Michelle Hildreth (human Executives) and 1 Phographer (Tony).

Delegation of LT include: NT Mai Dong Thanh, NA / BS Vo Dinh Huu, Pleiku, Nguyen Thi Huong, TB / AKI Cathy Vu, GL Thanh Mai, TV Mai Mai, LVD Ngoc Hoa, writer Ninh Thuan, TV Sheet, NT Do Kim Thien, QH Quach Nguyen Mai often and CVA.

While Dr. Vo Dinh Huu contact said he participated in relief activities with the Red Cross VN since 1967, physicians of the clinic of the Central Red Cross in Saigon from 1974 to 1975 and Director of the American Red Cross Board Pomona Valley in the 1990s. Linda Ross said he should work again to help the American Red Cross.

After representing LT handed check $ 27,000 dollars for Linda Voss, CEO of ARC, she had to thank the Mission and all the money will awarded directly to the victims, then Ms. Jana Priest (Donor Development Officer) representing ARC awarded Certificate of Appreciation for the Union 3, school or CSV QGHC and ask your pharmacist donated VN in the US and the LT representing each one an anniversary gift.

The ceremony ended at 11 45 am and everyone went home with happy hearts for thinking of the flood victims will be warm when people break them.


Left to right: NT Pour Kim Shan, NT Mai Dong Thanh, NA / BS Vo Dinh Huu, NV Ninh Thuan, TV Mai Mai, GL Thanh Mai, TB / AKI Cathy Vu, Pleiku, Nguyen Thi Huong, Linda Voss (Regional CEO ), TV Mong Tam, Michelle Hildreth (Staff ARC), LVD Ngoc Hoa, Jana Priest (Donor Development Officer), Guo QH Rewards, CVA Mai Nguyen.


Representative LT is awarded to Linda Voss check (CEO) at VP / ARC.

Left to right: NV Ninh Thuan, TV Mai Mai, LVD Ngoc Hoa, GL Thanh Mai, TV eighth, TB / AKI Cathy Vu, Pleiku, Nguyen Thi Huong, QH Guo Rewards, Mr. Glenn Maddalon (Regional CDO), Linda Voss (Regional CEO), Mai Dong Thanh NT, NT Do Kim Thien, Michelle Hildreth (ARC staff), Jana Priest (Donor Development Officer)


Standing left to right: Jena Priest, Michelle Hildreth, Do Kim Thien NT, NT Mai Dong Thanh, Vo Dinh Huu QH, QH Guo Rewards, Linda Voss (CEO), CVA Nguyen Mai, Mr. Glenn Maddalon, (CDO)

Sitting: TV Mai Mai, LVD Ngoc Hoa, Thanh Mai GL, TB / AKI Cathy Vu, Nguyen Thi Huong Pleiku, TV Mong Tam Ninh Thuan Writers


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