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Henry Lê Văn Hướng

It is with great sadness to inform friends and families that our brother and dear friend Henry Lê Văn Hướng (his Buddhist name is "Quảng Tâm Phước") passed away peacefully at 5:30 AM this morning after a short battle with liver cancer. (10 October 1957 - 06 October 2016)

We would like to celebrate his life. If you have any photos and/or videos, please send it to this special account we have set up to receive all your high resolution attachments:

We would like to share a brief biography behind the man.

Henry Huong Le was born in Thot Not, An Giang, Vietnam on October 10, 1957.  He was the 2nd oldest in a family of 9 children.

He and his family immigrated to the US in 1979, made San Jose home in 1980 and he co-founded Lee Bros. Food Service, Inc., which began modestly as a “mom and pop” business with one catering truck.  At its peak, Lee Bros Food Service, Inc. became a multi-million dollar foodservice provider and manufacturer with a national distribution chain and a fleet of over 500 catering trucks and operation facilities, extending from San Jose to Sacramento.

Henry is also the co-founder of Lee's Sandwiches, the world’s largest banh mi chain.  Lee’s Sandwiches has over sixty locations in the US and worldwide.

Aside from his work in the food industry, Henry is also a general partner of several commercial development companies in California, Texas, and Mississippi.  His development interests include retail/shopping centers, office complexes, residential tracts, and hotels.

In 1999, he founded the Vietnamese American Broadcasting Co. (VABC), which established the “TNT Radio Network” and now broadcasts in six major markets with large populations of Vietnamese-Americans.

As a leader within San Jose’s Vietnamese community, Henry served as President of the Viet Heritage Society, an organization focused on the preservation and promotion of Vietnamese culture and history through cultural venues and educational programs to foster community understanding and appreciation.  He organized efforts, raised money and gathered volunteers for the Vietnamese Heritage Garden at Kelley Park which will be the first of its kind in the country. He was also a founding member of the Vietnamese-American National Gala, an organization to help bring greater visibility to Vietnamese Americans and to bring Vietnamese American together.

Following Hurricane Katrina disaster (in which he lost his home), Henry opened his Biloxi, MS office to displaced victims to take refuge.  He and his family immediately went to work holding clothing drives in San Jose and Mississippi, donating over $100,000 in food, and helping residents with FEMA forms and SBA paperwork.  He founded the Renew Hope Project to assist the Asian community of Biloxi in rebuilding their lives.

Some of Henry’s other community, civic, and political involvements include the advisory board of The People’s Bank, member of the San Jose Downtown Area Development Committee, member of the Lion’s Club, President of the Overseas Hoa Hao Buddhist Association, and member of the Boy Scout of Vietnam. 

In his free time, Henry enjoys golfing and fishing and his week would be occupied by 3-4 days of golfing and 3-4 of days fishing. Everyday of his life, he spent time on activities that brought his the greatest joy, as he was able to spend quality time with friends and families and activities that were good for the soul. 

His is survived by his immediate family which includes his wife, Dep Nguyen, and his three children: Diana, Brian and Cindy.

His extended family include his mother, Nguyen Thi Hanh, 4 brothers, 4 sisters and 19 nieces and nephews. 

Chiêu Lê & Yen Quách
Jimmy Lê & Jaime So & Cori Jaime Lê
Jeffrey Lê

Annie Ni Lê
Jennifer Nguyễn
Chris Nguyễn

Âu Lê & Duy Trọng Nguyễn
David  Nguyễn
Dustin Nguyễn
Derek Nguyễn

Hưởng Văn Lê & Hà Thị Nguyễn
Linton Lê
Cecile Lê
Jessica Lê

Lâu Lê & Nancy Đinh Thảo Ngô
Nicholas Lâu Lê
Laura Ngọc Quyên Lê

Mỹ-Dung Thị Lê & Thành Minh Trương
Michelle Lê Trương
Christina Lê Trương
Michael Lê Trương

Mỹ-Ngọc Lê & Định Ngọc Võ
Katelyn Kiều-Mỹ  Võ
Natalie Ngọc-Mỹ Võ

Thắng Quyết Lê & Elizabeth Trương
Brandon Trung Lê
Chloe Isabella Lê


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RIP Henry Lê Văn Hướng

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